Episode 35

Episode 35: It's Ok to Fail (Feat. Kate Krieg and Michael Lee)

We're back in Mouth Actor Studios for part 4 of David's stationary world tour - and joined by the wonderfully talented Kate Krieg and Michael Lee! In this episode, we take turns interpreting Lizzo's 'Juice'. Kate teaches us how people from the North talk. Michael is from right here. Foster hates on the Pentatonix. David corrects a Frankenstein's monster mistake. In times of war, true heroes bring juice to the world. Enjoy. #NorthernersSayHeck


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Audio Obscura
Improvisers David Martinez and Michael Foster challenge each other and special guests to an audio mystery: solve the source and subject from a series of audio clues over the course of the episode. Play with friends or on your own!

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David Martinez

David is a conservation biologist and science communicator. He's worked as an actor, improviser, biologist, and educator. He is also a former member of the KC Improv Company, and has performed improv around Kansas City and elsewhere.
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Michael Foster

Michael Foster is a voice actor, improviser, and podcaster from Kansas City, Missouri. He co-produces the Audio Obscura podcast as well as records voice over projects from his home studio. When the world isn't a terrible disaster movie, you can find him performing regularly with the KC Improv Company.