Episode 142

Episode 142: Audio Obscura Live! (Feat. Britte de Groot, Ben Auxier, & Anna May Smith)

In our first ever live show in front of a studio audience, we're joined by all-star guests Britte de Groot, Ben Auxier, and Anna May Smith! Our podcast saves your marriage, and this week is no different! In this episode, guessys are competing for a Steak-out Takeout! Shoot for your food! Foster wants to get us out at a reasonable time. Ben thinks we both know. Britte says Ka-ching. David is showing off his asthma. Anna is fine. Enjoy. #BrainCube


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Audio Obscura
Improvisers David Martinez and Michael Foster challenge each other and special guests to an audio mystery: solve the source and subject from a series of audio clues over the course of the episode. Play with friends or on your own!

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David Martinez

David is a conservation biologist and science communicator. He's worked as an actor, improviser, biologist, and educator. He is also a former member of the KC Improv Company, and has performed improv around Kansas City and elsewhere.
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Michael Foster

Michael Foster is a voice actor, improviser, and podcaster from Kansas City, Missouri. He co-produces the Audio Obscura podcast as well as records voice over projects from his home studio. When the world isn't a terrible disaster movie, you can find him performing regularly with the KC Improv Company.